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Finch – Y2

Welcome to Finch Class!

Spring 1 2023

Autumn 2 2022

Finch Class have enjoyed their topic 'Reach for the Stars' where they have compared space travel through learning about the moon landing in 1969 and Tim Peak's voyage to the international space station in 2015/2016.  The children compared the two voyages and then created their own space buggies in Design and Technology lessons.  They learnt to use a hand saw to safely cut wood for their wheel axle. 

Autumn 1 2022

Finch Class children are enjoying their topic named 'There's No Place Like home'.  They are finding out about the local area and learning about the physical and human features features of the local area.  They have identified buildings that they know in the town and have created 'Shepton Sheep' suing clay in their Forest School sessions.

Finch Class enjoyed the Harvest Art Week and House Team Captains looked after the younger children during the many activities in different classes.  The children enjoyed the art gallery which was set up on the last day to celebrate the pieces of art created by the children in our school. 

Summer 1 2022

Finch Class have been learning about the countries of Great Britain and their capital cities through post cards received from Paddington Bear!  They also enjoyed investigating events linked to the Great Fire of London.

Finch Class enjoyed making marmalade sandwiches - Paddington bear's favourite food!  They followed instructions to make the sandwiches and didn't need adult help because they could follow the instructions independently.  They enjoyed a marmalade sandwich picnic on the field!

Spring 2 2022


Finch Class have enjoyed learning about Australia and comparing the city of Goulburn to their local area.  They have created fact files about Australian animals and created artwork in aboriginal style on the trees in our school grounds. 

Comic Relief Bad Hair Day

Finch Class enjoyed coming to school with 'bad hairstyles'!

World Book Day

Finch Class enjoyed World Book Day.  They came to school dressed as different book characters and completed lots of book activities during the day.  They enjoyed showing their costumes in a parade with Woodpecker Class! House Team Captains chose the book for their team to hear and learn about.  

Spring Term 1 2022

Finch Class have been learning about the local area.  They went on a visit to Wells Cathedral and The Bishop's Palace.  They enjoyed sketching pictures of the Antony Gormley sculpture named 'Doubt' which is displayed on Wells Cathedral.  They also walked around the cathedral, Bishop's Palace and the surrounding area.  They enjoyed a workshop to create clay sculptures of objects seen in the cathedral and the grounds.

Autumn Term 2 2021

In our topic 'Life is a Celebration' we have explored the Hindu celebration Diwali. We designed and made Rangoli patterns and took part in a dance workshop where we acted out the story of Rama and Sita. We made our own poppies when learning about Remembrance Day and enjoyed our visit from Mr Ransom, chair of the local Royal British Legion. We also enjoyed activities for Children in Need day, including decorating Pudsey biscuits and making our own Pudsey head bands.

Autumn Term 1 2021

We are excited to be learning about the human body and how to keep healthy.  We are learning about the NHS and how doctors and nurses help to keep us healthy.  We are keen to learn about Florence Nightingale and how she helped sick soldiers many years ago.  We will soon compare her experience of being a nurse to nurses today!

When thinking about how to keep our bodies healthy, we designed our own exercise routines and enjoyed testing them out. In our science lessons we explored what happens to our teeth when we drink sugary drinks. We used eggshells to represent our teeth and were shocked to see the colour it changed to when the Coca-Cola was added! In our design and technology lessons, we designed and made some healthy snacks in the shapes of animals.

Summer Term 2 2021

This term we have been doing lots of outdoor learning! We have been finding out about different insects, their bodies and their habitats. We have enjoyed exploring our Forest School area to find different insects as well as other minibeasts. We were very lucky to have a visit from Animals 2U South West, where we were able to find out about, look at and even hold, a stick insect, giant millipede and cockroach. 

Summer Term 1 2021


We have enjoyed learning about the engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel. We have found out lots about his life and achievements and especially enjoyed finding out about the SS Great Britain and the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol. As part of our learning, we designed and made boats that could float and bridges.

Finch class enjoyed the Holly Hop to raise funds for FOBS!

Autumn Term 2 2020


Finch Class are enjoying their new topic 'Reach for the Stars'.  They started the half  term with a day of astronaut training.  The children thought about what they already know about astronauts and space and then thought about what they would like to find out about.  The children tasted space food and wrote a review for it!  They were lucky to have their class teachers dressed as famous female astronauts, Eileen Collins and Sally Ride.

Our 'Astronaut Training Day' was great fun!

Autumn Term 1- 2020


We are enjoying being back in school, playing with our friends and learning in Finch Class.  We have already completed a lot of learning and are really enjoying exploring the book 'Here We Are'.  We are now making our own models of the world!

We have enjoyed making our models of the world.