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Year 1


Ways to support your child’s learning in this area;


  • Daily reading with and to your child.
  • Helping them to practise reading their words.
  • Ask them to tell you the story of ‘Skip through the Seasons’


Give them opportunities to write at home such as cards, post cards, simple sentences about a day out they have had or school news.




Year 1 parents please see the ‘Key instant recall facts’ information sheet in your child’s book bag for further ways to help your child at home this half term.


Ways to support your child’s learning in this area for both year groups;


  • Singing songs that take away or add things e.g. 10 green bottles, 1 man went to mow, 5 currant buns.

  • Shopping activities – real or pretend – use real money to help identify coins.
  • Playing games – throwing dice, playing dominoes, as well as track games or card games all help children’s numeracy at this stage. They need to recognise the numbers of dots or shapes without counting them and also to learn to add two or more small numbers. Games are a fun context in which to acquire these skills.